With a brilliant mind for economics and a heart in tune with the human condition, Micael Dahlen has given keynote presentations for the thinkers and entrepreneurs who shape our future, including imaginative industry leaders, fearless politicians, esteemed universities, major non-profits and inquisitive drivers of change all over the world. How can we make the most of our human nature, build better organizations and, above all else, live better lives? Join him as he presents his cutting-edge research on happiness, shakes up auditoriums and inspires the kind of curiosity that drives not only discovery – but creation. Because we may be hurtling through space on a pale blue dot, but we can all improve the journey for the billions travelling with us.

Previous notable clients include Google, Apple, Ericsson, Facebook, Samsung, Deloitte, Volkswagen, Fujitsu, Coca-Cola Worldwide and The Economist.

Contact: Volante Agency, speakers@volante.se, + 46 8 702 15 19.

Delve into a new universe:

1. The number-drunk animal

Our days are numbered. Literally. Everything we do, from morning till night, is influenced, measured, nudged, controlled, incentivized and punished by numbers. We rejoice over them, agonize over them, think of them, dream of them, define ourselves by them. Drawing on years of research, Dahlen dissects the numbers that make us tick, affect our well-being and how that shapes the world as we know it.

2. What now?

The future isn’t set in stone, but with the right statistical tools and an outside-the-box mindset, it might be divined. Join professor Dahlen as he uses his full skillset to feel out the shape of the future, tracing trends and chasing change that will transform consumer behavior – sooner rather than later.

3. A small talk on happiness

How happy are you, really? And how can you get more out of life, your relationship or your career? All the little things that affect how we think, feel and perform have been shown to affect our happiness – and our ability to be creative. In his signature personal and entertaining way, Micael Dahlen shows the results of his own research as well as others’, and provides the tips and tricks that are scientifically shown to make us like our lives just a little bit better. (For example: just by looking forward to this talk, you’ve automatically gotten a little bit happier.)

4. A small talk on the meaning of life

Wielding his own research and that of others, Dahlen tackles one of life’s greatest questions. He may not find that one big once-and-for-all answer, but the myriad of smaller answers that pop up along the way paint a picture of how we can each imbue our lives with purpose – or purposes. The meaning of life has never been explored in a way this truthful and heartfelt, scientifically sound and surprisingly brief.

5. Get the first laugh

Question: how can you be sure to succeed in a world in a world that is growing ever more complex, in a time where the future is just one click away? Answer: You can’t. But with insights from the fields of social psychology, evolutionary biology and consumer trends Michael Dahlen shows how an unexpected force can stack the deck in your favour – a force that has been released since the first human ancestor slipped on the first banana peel. With his own research and examples from politics and the media, giant corporations and startups, Dahlen reveals the enormous potential of humour and helps you take advantage of this misunderstood resource. Because one thing is certain in this ever changing world: success is spelled F-U-N.