Micael Dahlens recent books in popular non-fiction.

UPCOMING: The number-drunk animal / Sifferdjur
A dissection of the numbers that make up our everyday life, and how their impact on our minds shapes society as we know it. Available in Swedish September 2021.

A Little Book on the Meaning of Life / En liten bok om meningen med livet

What science tells us about the meaning of life and where to find it, briefly explained. Available in Swedish here.

A Little Book on Happiness / En liten bok om lycka
What science tells us about happiness and how to increase it in our daily life, briefly explained. Available in Swedish here.

Strong, not perfect / Starkt kul
A book on how to work out, and think about working out, to make exercise a part of your life and have fun along the way.

Chaosology / Kaosologi
The life philosophies of Micael Dahlen, as defined by ten brand-new words in ten chapters of wisdom, humour and wistfulness. Available in Swedish here.

Monster / Monster
Dahlen interviews notable serial killers on a quest to find out what makes them tick.

Nextopia / Nextopia
The book that coined the term ”expectations society”. A global bestseller and must-read.